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Celebrating Our 2024 Teachers of the Year: Clayton ES!

Celebrating Our 2024 Teachers of the Year: Clayton ES!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, we’re celebrating a school 2024 Teacher of the Year each day!  Special Education teacher Kari Brooks, an 18-year educator, is the Teacher of the Year for Clayton Elementary School!

“Mrs. Brooks is passionate about educating today’s children,” a colleague shared.  “This is evident watching her engage with her students.  Not only does she fulfill the requirements of a teacher, but she also capitalizes on the moments.  She connects with the heart of every student, building a lasting rapport that can be seen long after the students exit her class.  No matter the challenge each child faces, she accepts, adapts and calls every child to reach his or her potential.  As one current student stated, ‘Mrs. Brooks is always supportive.  When something unhappy happens, or somebody’s not having a good day at school, she talks with them and makes them feel comforted and not alone.’”

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